Character Clothing
I had the opportunity of designing clothing assets for the mobile game Sunshine Days.
To expand the repertoire of fashion styles, I was tasked with designing athleisure-inspired clothing, so I designed some classic black leggings and loose fitness tank tops. To add a little brand for the game, I added a small minimalist sun logo, similar to the sign you can find throughout the game.
I was also tasked with creating t-shirts with a sports-inspired logo to be sold in the Perfect Stride shop (the Shoes and Specs shop) in the game. For this, I used an existing blank t-shirt model and added to their textures a sporty logo, which I designed using some visual elements found in the shop's textures.
Character Accessories
For the mobile game Sunshine Days I had the opportunity to design and create the content for the Shop called Shoes and Specs.
I was tasked with creating a variety of styles for shoes and to expand the options of glasses. For this, I created shoes in the categories of boots, sandals and trainers. For the glasses, I created assets in the categories of prescription/reading glasses, silly glasses and sunglasses.
For most of the designs, I created a single 3D model and from there generated various color options for the players. For the silly glasses and some rain boots. most of the designs were unique assets that could also be sold as premium items.
Bundles, Season Pass and Furniture

Prop 3D Animation by Diana Ulloa.

I worked on a variety of furniture assets for the mobile game Sunshine Days. From a concept, I created the 3D assets in Maya, hand painted the textures using Photoshop and also used methods of gradient texturing, baked light information to vertex and then implemented the assets in Unreal Engine 4.
For the Millennial Furniture Set, I was tasked on optimizing existing assets of this set style into the game's current visual standards, and then to expand the set by adding other rooms like Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom furniture.
Creative Process for the Millennial Furniture Set Style
Started from upgrading the current lounge assets to the games latest visual standards, by optimizing topology, textures and vertex baked lights.
From a mood board and picture references, I then created and textured the assets for the next rooms: bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Most of the furniture I had when I lived in Italy helped to inspire me in how many assets to make per room and what kind of style of furniture to include. For this set I wanted to give the vibes of the kind of furniture you can find in a millennial rental college student apartment while living with roommates or on your own.
Most of the furniture sets in the game are meant to be recolored in different palettes, so players can have different color options of their favorite items. So for the first color set, I started with a cyan accent color.
Sunshine Days is a wholesome village-life mobile game for Android and iOS devices, where you play as the new kid on the block in the cute and colorful world of Sunshine Valley - where it's up to you to shape the future of the village & help the community find its heart again!
My Role:
Junior 3D Artist
Design, create and implement a variety of new high quality 3D assets and hand painted textures (props, costumes) and optimize existing 3D models to the game's latest standards.

I would model the assets in Maya, texture them with Photoshop (by using unlit gradient texturing methods) and then import them into Unreal Engine 4 and ensure mobile-friendly functionality of the artwork, depending on its use in the game.

Netspeak Games Ltd.

Creative Director: Ed Sibley
Producer: Blaire Funnell
Director of Production: Katharine Barnett

Character Clothing:
T-Shirt (Blank) 3D Model: Holly Akrill
T-Shirt (With sports logo) textures: Diana Ulloa B.
Tank Top 3D model and textures: Diana Ulloa B.
Shoes and Glasses 3D model and Textures: Diana Ulloa B.

Concept Artist - Poolside Bundle: Danalyn Reyes
Concept Artist - Zen Garden Bundle: Jamil Dar
3D models and Textures: Diana Ulloa B.

Season Pass Furniture:
Concept Art - Roller Disco: Holly Akrill
Concept Art - Lunar Dragon: Holly Akrill
Concept Art - Gingerbread Season: Danalyn Reyes
3D models and Textures: Diana Ulloa B.

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