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I am a CG Artist focused on 3D Character Animation and 3D modeling, based in Munich, Germany.
I make animations and models of characters and creatures for video games and interactive experiences. My works stand out for being stylized, playful and cute, suited for games in the genres of adventure, educational, narrative-driven, cute and cozy, puzzle and platformer.

Originally from Panama and with previous experience in Veterinary Medicine, in 2018 I followed my studies in Game Art and Design for a year in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, I have been actively participating in 3D art and animation workshops, as well as attending conferences and video game conventions to keep up with the latest news and technologies in my career.

I enjoy working remotely with indie game developers and small businesses from around the world that are looking to add creativity, cheerfulness and fun to their projects. I have proven experience with software such as Maya, Blender, zBrush, Photoshop and Unreal Engine, and can work as an independent contractor or in teams of different experience and sizes.

Influenced by wildlife, the creative visuals from the world of Nintendo, and video games like Spyro The Dragon; with my artworks, I aim to welcome audiences from all ages to the projects I work on. I seek to help tell stories and solve problems in an entertaining and interactive way.
Services you can hire me for
3D Animation
Characters and Gameplay
I can create custom animations, emotes, cycles and help clean up your existing animation and implement them in the game engine.

    3D Character Animation
For video games, real-time interactive projects, educational projects and promotional content. Includes: animation, no rigging.

    Cinematic Storyboards
Creation of shot sequences to help better tell your story or explain your project's idea through visual storytelling.
3D Modeling
Characters and Props
I can help in the creation of new assets, as well as, in optimizing existing assets to your project’s current visual standards.

    Asset Optimization
From an existing 3D model: includes Topology optimization for animation and grooming; UV maps and textures cleanup.

    Asset Creation
High-poly to Low-poly pipeline: includes 3D modeling, digital sculpting, UV mapping, texturing, no rigging, no animation.
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