Compilation of my game animation works and a couple of personal shots. Renders done in Unreal Engine and playblasts from Blender.

00:04 - 00:16: Pipo the Penguin - Cool Pipo: An Adventure for Climate Change
šŸŸ£Ā Responsible for character design, modeling, rigging and animations.

00:16 - 00:36: Yeti, Woodland creature and Dragon - Heads N Tails: Mythical Pet Shop
šŸŸ£Ā Responsible for character animations.

00:36 - 00:41: Personal projects
šŸŸ£Ā Rigs used from Agora.Community: Akali rig, Palbot rig, LittleKitty rig.
šŸŸ£Ā Personal Animations done during 2 hour animation challenges.

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