MINI Rally Game

Diana ulloa mini cooper closeup

MINI Cooper Stylized 3D model

Diana ulloa titlescreenmini
Diana ulloa arrivosign
Diana ulloa bridge
Diana ulloa mountainscene
Diana ulloa nightscene
Diana ulloa rallytrack
Diana ulloa screenshot1
Diana ulloa screenshot3
Diana ulloa screenshot4

Super Mini Rally Teaser

Project in which I created a car game using Unreal Engine 4.

Was initially inspired by this MINI commercial
But ended up giving it my own twist, trying to achieve a Fortnite visual style with the textures and overall just creating a little fun game.

Got a sticky soundtrack and the day/night cycle is quite soothing to watch. In case you want to race against time or just chill with the music, you can check the game out here:

Hope you enjoy it!

January 13, 2019