An Alien guy incoming

Diana ulloa gad32 dianaulloa alienguy

Teaser poster

Diana ulloa ue4alien1

Rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Diana ulloa ue4alienaction1

Rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Character Breakdown

Diana ulloa uvsbreakdown

Texture sets breakdown plus a little VFX post processing in Photoshop.

I little portrait of the character I made for my art school demo reel. Wanted to add a bit of a background story to it, since I made my reel with the help of a few other of my classmates to make a group project in the end, where we had two characters which would encounter each other in an environment, mine being the villain.
Thanks to Nishad Chavan for the portal render!
Special thanks to the concept artist David Iglesias Martinez for letting me make his character!

March 1, 2019