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Dragon sculpt WIP - Changing the style

Work In Progress / 14 September 2020

Hello guys! 

An update on my personal project of the dragon sculpt: been changing the style of the sculpt to give it a bit more of a Spyro Reignited feel. Also, reduced a bit morethe roundness of the belly hahah, Will be working on it this week as well.

  Feedback is always welcome btw! Let me know your thoughts on how it's coming along?


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Plans for the week and More Dragon WIPs

Work In Progress / 07 September 2020

An update on the progress of the sculpt of a dragon I'm plan on making an illustration with its renders.

The illustration consists of a falling star that lands in the dragons head, waking it from its sleep.

I still need to work on placing the star and adjusting the weight of it's head with the hit of the star.

Also, for this week I will be making a short devlog video of my recent work made for Test Studios Games' Cool Earth, a mobile game about global warming awareness. I feel like I've improved my UI design quite a bit, so I will be sharing the process of getting the design of a couple Widget blueprints in UE4. Stay tuned for it!

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Plans for the Week - WIPs and sketches

Work In Progress / 31 August 2020

Hello everyone! This week I'm working on a little personal project.

I'm making an illustration using 3D tools. I will be making a scene and render it, trying to create a little story around the character I'm creating.

For the moment I got a dragon, which is the main character of the scene. Here's a demonstration of how it has evolved from initial block out to where it is now:

I will be adding a bit of asymmetry to it to give it a natural reaction in the scene I'm going to make later on.

Quick sketch of how I want to build the scene:

Diana Ulloa - Freelance Organic 3D artist | Portfolio

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